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Live Target activity dashboard with A4T


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Has anyone advice or experiences you can share around creating a shareable dashboard view of live test KPIs - ideally through native Adobe tools, but will also consider API integration?


As our volume of activities grow, current methods of manually transferring into other tools for reporting is making daily /weekly monitoring and maintenance a an ever growing overhead and we need a more efficient process.


Have looked at various third party tools to ingest the API  ( e.g. Iridon) but all seem to have flaws in the process in one way or another.


I may be aiming too high to have XTs, A/B tests and automated activities available together - but at it's simplest I am simply attempting to produce a dashboard view of A/B tests with clear indicators of current performance with conversion and behavioral KPIs from the Adobe Analytics. 


I hope this is not too general a question, but am hoping fellow clients have faced and resolved similar challenges with sharing test data - and keen to learn what worked for you and what alternative approaches have been looked at.


Thanks a lot,




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