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Adobe Target with Adblockers


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Hi everyone,


Curious if Adobe Target activities will be served to those who use adblockers. If not, what are the latest stats of people using adblockers in Canada? We want to understand how much AdBlockers impact those who will not see the Target experiences.




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Hi @ywon 

Generally, Adblockers typically block third-party cookies by default rather than first-party cookies. Third-party cookies are set by domains other than the one you are directly visiting, while first-party cookies are set by the website you are actively engaging with. Adblockers focus on blocking tracking scripts, ads, and other content from third-party sources to enhance user privacy and security. 


This thread answers your question based on Adobe Target uses its first party cookie and third party cookies and also here is the official documentation 

I don't have any stats for people using adblockers in Canada however after googling I found this link 


Hope this helps. 


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Hi @ywon

The answer is: it depends. Adblockers do block many if not most 3rd party cookies, but it's because they stop the browser from making 3rd party requests. Adblockers usually rely on lists of domains, or paths that are associated with ad serving, and can also include site analytics and testing domains. Consequently, some ad-blocking lists do include Target based domains and therefore can prevent Target from loading. In this case, it doesn't matter if your Target implementation uses first or third-party cookies, because the request to Target never even happens.

Using a CNAME to route your Target requests to a first party looking domain can be an option that allows Target to run even if an adblocker is on.