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Adobe Target Audience Profile Script Clarifications


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Hello Team,


I'm wondering if we have a method to capture audience details from the client side and send this information to Adobe Analytics. Specifically, I'm interested in knowing the below profile script we can use to segment users into Group A or Group B based on their characteristics.


Looking forward to your insights on this.


if (!user.get('twoGroups')) {
var random_number = Math.floor(Math.random()*99);
if (random_number <= 49) {return 'GroupA';} else {return 'GroupB';}




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Hi @ajaxdinesh,

If I'm following your question correctly, you want to capture the results of the profile script into Adobe Analytics (I presume an evar).

It is possible, but here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

First, as you may be aware, profile scripts live on the Target servers and in the  visitors' profiles. They can be returned to the client-side as response tokens when that visitor's current request to Target qualifies for an activity. Secondly, you'd need custom code to read and parse the response tokens when they are returned to the browser. Then add them to the subsequent Analytics request in some evar/prop.

An alternative way could be to setup an XT Target activity to just bucket visitors based on the value of some profile script. You'd need to define audiences based on the different values and then assign them to the XT activity. The activity experiences do not need to include any actual content changes or modifications. Then if you are using Analytics for Target (A4T) for reporting you'd be able to determine what profile script value a visitor had based on which experience they got in the XT activity. I suggest naming the experiences friendly names so you remember what value/range they were apart of.

Hope that helps!