How can i get the ID or title of the current exprience in the page where is tested?



For example , I make Experiences A and Experiences B , and deploy on my site, now I want get the current experience name or id  with javascript , how should i do ?

thanks a lot !

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Hi there,

If I am reading it correctly, you are looking for Experience Targeting where Experience Audiences are derived by a value that you are extratcing from your dataabse. In that case, flow will look like:

1. Data (for your example, this will be ID 0 or 1) on the basis of which experience needs to be selected.

2. Pass this data using targetPageParams to Global mbox call (say expId=0 and expId=1)

3. Create Audiences on the basis of passed parameter and different values.

4. Use these audiences in an Experience Targeting activity where offer-code just returns a JSON object as you have stated below.

Let me know if my interpretation was wrong,