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Problem with Custom Scoring


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I'm still fairly new to Adobe Target, so this may be a simple question.

I've set up an A/B test that compares 4 versions of a button.

My Primary Goal metric is a product sign up (completion event).

The pages being tested have two ways to reach this sign up (completion event). I'm only testing a change to one of the ways. Because of this, I have additional metrics that measure which button is clicked.

The sign up metric and the button click metrics work as expected.

My though was that I could use custom scoring to create a metric that is registered when an entrant clicks a button and signs up for the product.

I've created metrics that follow the structure below, but the metric is not being counted when the 2 dependencies are met. What am I doing wrong? I can't find much documentation on custom scoring.





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Hi Keith,

According to documentation Success Metrics , "Some metrics, such as Custom Scoring and Revenue Per Visitor, require a customized implementation that passes in information such as order totals and order IDs." So I believe custom scoring cannot be used out of the box and might need some implementation effort. Also might not be the most apt method for your use case. Since you mention that your sign up metric and button click metric work as expected , have you tried using "conversion" as your primary goal and "clicked an element' instead of Engagement and custom scoring and having a dependency metric of that ?