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Mbox ajax call load time optimization


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*         We are currently using mbox js for adobe target

*         We are building the mbox update target params using pageparams

var globalMboxMappings = _satellite.getToolsByType("tnt")[0].settings.pageParams;

  1. Then we are calling mboxUpdate.apply(this, params);

And  CQ_Analytics.TestTarget.callMboxUpdate();to update global mbox Please find the query string/request url below https://domain.tt.omtrdc.net/m2/domain/mbox/ajax?mboxHost=site&mboxPage=7696cbf47a8846af8c4a50bb6b6c.... Param0=false&profile.param1=NA&profile. Param2=0&profile. Param3=NA&profile. Param4=&profile. Param5=&profile.Param6=&profile. Param7=&profile. Param8=&profile. Param8=&profile. Param9=&profile. Param10=&profile. param11=1.2.3&profile. Param12=false&profile. Param13=false&profile. param14=%20false&profile.param15=&mboxPC=32eeaa80cdab421c89f016608f83b4c4.22_25&mbox=target-global-mbox&mboxId=0&mboxURL=https%3A%2F%site%2Fen%2Findex.html%3Fdebugmbox%3Dtrue&mboxReferrer=&mboxVersion=62

This call takes around 1-3 seconds to complete and the content fetch takes about 1.5 seconds that is *default. html or *tandt. html Please let us know if we can optimize this.

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Thanks for sharing this issue. Would you be able to share this information to client care at customercare@adobe.com to open a support ticket so that we can explore the matter further?