How to set up Customer Attributes based on a profile parameter?

xbarcelona 06-09-2017

Hi there

I have a profile parameter named "P25" that is being captured by a dedicated mbox.

I successfully created and configured customer attributes and used "profile.P25" as Alias ID, uploaded successfully a .csv, checked the schema and did ID lookups and finally subscribed the configuration to Target. So far everything worked great 🙂

In Target the different Customer Attributes pop up nicely in Audiences>Visitor Profiles.

I created a new Audience based on one of these Customer Attributes with "...contains (case insensitive)...".

Everything seemed to work nicely, however when creating and launching the corresponding Activity (either A/B or XT)

the Targeting i.e. delivery does not work and shows me default 😞

I read in the help that "...the profile might not have been updated on the edge yet...ask your CRS team to update the feed..."(?)

However, I wonder if I did everything right and suspect the Alias ID to be the root cause for this not working?

What is wrong here?

How can I debug this?

Can anyone help?

Thank you very much




Hi Nicolas,

Thanks for your questions! Given that you may be experiencing a bug, it might be best for you to go ahead and create a support ticket by emailing either of the following addresses: customercare@adobe.com or tt-support@adobe.com.




Hi Nicholas,

Would you be able to provide some clarification? Are you sending your CRM/custom visitor ID in the P25 profile? To properly use Customer Attributes data you need to pass your CRM/custom visitor ID's in via the Marketing Cloud ID service. In your MCID service implemenation is where you set the "alias id" that you also enter in the Customer Attributes data source configuation.