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Workbench - querying LDAP from a different domain


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Hi There,


My organisation has multiple domains and I need to query users on a domain that is different to the one that the workbench process is running off of.

Usually when querying LDAP from any other software you can specify LDAP://domainA.com/DC=domainA,DC=com, however from what I can see with the LDAP task in workbench you can only specify the base DN, not the domain itself, so say I have domainA.com and domainB.org and my workbench process is on domainA.com I can use DC=domainA,DC=com to query active directory users on domainA.com, but if I try DC=domainB,DC=org, it seems to be actually trying to query the following: LDAP://domainA.com/DC=domainB,DC=org.

Is there any way to specify the actual domain in the LDAP task?


Kind Regards, Alex.

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Here is how I understand the LDAP Query task:

There is a service which need to be configured to point t the LDAP server you want to query. This is done in the adminui:

Home > Services > Applications and Services > Service Management > Configure LDAPService


Did you set your server and domains in there?


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Hi Kosta, thanks for the response. Is there any way to be able to point at multiple domains at the same time? As my organisation has multiple domains and I need to query active directory users from different domains in the same process. Kind Regards, Alex.