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Workbench ES2 crashes on x64 Vista and Windows 7


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I have a problem running workbench ES2 in 64-bit environments (Windows 7 x64 Enterprise, Vista x64 Business and Vista x64 Enterprise). Whenever I try to open a process in the process view, the application crashes.

I've also deployed workbench on my livecycle (development) server (Windows Server 2008 x64) and there it runs fine.

It also runs fine from an XP x86 installation.

In all above instances I've used version

Does anyone have the same problem or -better- a solution?



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Do you also have LiveCycle Data Services E2 installed and configured on the x64 Vista and x64 Windows 7 environments?

When you access Workbench, are you able to view items in the folder structure?

Could you please attach the workbench log file for review?


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Hello Val,

Happy New Year to you and all other readers!

LCDS 3 is installed on one machine only (the Windows 7 x64 enterprise one).

I can see the folder structure. I can open data models and forms. When I try to open or create a process, that's when the workbench crashes. I've included the log of the Windows 7 workbench installation, but there seems no conflict with LCDS (yet).

I also included a screenshot of the exit message Java provides me.

Thanks for your support,

Wim Vanhamme.


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The following instructions guide you through the steps required to work around port conflicts when LiveCycle Data Services ES2 and LiveCycle Workbench ES2 are installed on the same machine.

1. Shutdown Workbench
2. Change the listen port of the embedded LCDS server

a) Create a backup copy of workbench\plugins\com.adobe.lcds_9.0.0\hightide\webapps\lcds\WEB-INF\flex\services-config.xml
b) Open the original file workbench\plugins\com.adobe.lcds_9.0.0\hightide\webapps\lcds\WEB-INF\flex\services-config.xml
c) Search for the flex.messaging.endpoints.RTMPEndpoint, "endpoint url="rtmp://{server.name}:2038"
d) … and change it to: "endpoint url="rtmp://{server.name}:{server.port}"
e)  Save and close the file

3. Tell Workbench where to look for the embedded server:
a) Open workbench.ini
b) Add -Dcom.adobe.workbench.ape.rtmp.endpoint=rtmp://localhost:2048 to the end of the file
c) Save and close the file

4. Start Workbench. The embedded LCDS server should be running on port 2048 now. 
5. Validate in a command window by using “netstat -ban”.  You should see an entry similar to TCP         ESTABLISHED     2608


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Hi Val,

I've tried your suggestions, but it still does not work.

The weird thing is that my workbench does work on the (virtual) machine that contains livecycle. None of the other 64-bit machines is able to open processes.

I am wondering if I am using the correct version of workbench:

I attached the updated files, the workbench configuration details and a screenshot of the crash report (Javaw.exe).

Best regards,



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I figured it out!

Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise edition causes a crash of Livecycle Workbench ES2 when you try to visualize a process in Process Design on a 64-bit Windows 7 or Vista Enterprise Edition OS.

This will happen regardless any installed updates to Microsoft Office 2007.

How to reproduce the problem:

1) Install Windows 7 Enterprise x64 or Windows Vista Enterprise x64;

2) Run Windows Update and install all important updates (today, 10 where available). I installed none of the language packs (optional updates);

3a) Install Livecycle Workbench ES2;

3b) Connect to a livecycle server (I connected to a Windows 2008 x64 development licence, through port 80) (Note: the tcp port does not matter);

3c) Get an application that contains at least one process from the server, or create a new application with one process;

3d) Open the process for editing. Workbench ES2 will display the process and work fine!

3e) Close workbench, saving your changes.

4) Install Office 2007 Enterprise Edition (I installed the full product (English));

5a) Start Workbench ES2; When you closed the workbench ES2 whilst in Process Design mode, it will crash immediately!

5b) Open a process for editing or create a new process; Workbench ES2 will crash!

6) Run Microsoft Update and install all the updates to Microsoft Office 2007 (including the service packs). This will require at least one reboot;

7a) Start Workbench ES2; When you closed the workbench ES2 whilst in Process Design mode, it will crash immediately!

7b) Open a process for editing or create a new process; Workbench ES2 will crash!

I can reproduce the crash consistently. I've tried physical and virutal machines using Windows 7 x64 Enterprise Edition.

I get the same behaviour on a "full-flavoured" machine running Windows Vista x64 Enterprise Edition.


I currently have no idea how to solve the issue or work around the problem!

If anyone has a solution, please advice. Thank you.

Best regards,

Wim Vanhamme.


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I think I have exactly the same problem as you described.

please see my post:


Assumiong that Office 2007 Enterprise is creating this problem, we can try uninstalling it temporarily.

I think we ned to understand what exactly is getting invoked when we double click the "process" or try to create a new process in Workbench. And why is it related to Java SE binary.

As stated in my above post, these products use different versions of JRE (javaw.exe); do we need to have the same JRE version for all apps on the computer?

If Adobe Product specialists can jump in, we can move forward


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I've indeed carried out several tests on 5 different 64-bit machines. You are right, if we want this problem solved the Adobe product specialists should jump in.

For your information:

  • You will get the same behaviour with the Microsoft Office 2010 Beta;
  • Uninstalling Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise Edition will *magically* fix the Workbench Process Designer. (= when you uninstall Office 2007, Workbench behaves well);
  • Having - or not having - other Java versions on your system does not influence the issue: I tried (many combinations) with and without: Java 6-16 x64, Java 6-16 x86, Java 6-17 x64 and Java 6-17 x86.
  • The behaviour is similar on virtual machines (VMWare workstation 7) and physical machines.

Best regards,



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Hi Wim,

Thank you. That was the best summary of the issue.

I just finished reinstalling the whole LC ES suite AFTER removing Office 2007.

It is working perfectly.

Now we need to figure out how to have 'some' office suite on this machine.

Did you try Office 2003?

If not, we have to install Open Office or Star Office?

I can't thank you enough for sharing the "clue" [Office 2007 is 'the' cause]

Best Regards!


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Hi Team PM,

I have not tried Office 2003 as I professionally need Office 2007.

I count on Adobe to "fix" the issue. I reported this also through the customer support channel, but haven't received any feedback yet.

Glad I could help,



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It is the"Groove 2007" component of the Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise Edition suite that makes Adobe LiveCycle Workbench ES2 crash whenever you try to edit/view a process in the process design view.

When you install Microsoft Office 2007 without Groove 2007 (eg. the standard edition) or remove the Groove 2007 component, Workbench ES2 will work fine.

Best regards,



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I will try this.



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Ive had the same issue with MS Office 2010.

For this to work, i uninstalled the whole office suite. Installed workbench and made sure the process view shows up and then re-installed MS office 2010 with just Outlook,Excel,Powerpoint enabled and now it works fine.

This is the error you get when you have the clash.

Faulting application name: javaw.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x484e4780

Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 6.1.7600.16559, time stamp: 0x4ba9b29c

Exception code: 0xc0000374

Fault offset: 0x000cdc9b

Faulting process id: 0xab4

Faulting application start time: 0x01cb1f742654bcc1

Faulting application path: E:\Adobe\Adobe LiveCycle Workbench ES2\workbench\jre\bin\javaw.exe

Faulting module path: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll

Report Id: b9bf883f-8b67-11df-84af-001c2394782d