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Textfield with page break filled with SAP text


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Hello guys,

we've one textfield which will be prefilled with SAP data in an interactive pdf form. The textfield does "allow multiple lines" and does "allow page breaks within content".

When we have a lot of text maintained in SAP the texfield will be enhanced from page 1 to page 2 (which is good and correct). So we have the same textfield on both pages. But the problem is that the text on page 1 starts from the beginning (line 1) and the text on page 2 starts also from the beginning as well (line 1) BUT we actually would like to have a line/page break within the content. Do you know how this can be done with text which comes from SAP? If I set the field as "user entered" and I enter the text manually, the page break and line break within the different pages is working fine.

Thanks for your support.

Regards Emanuel

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