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Sudden 'Unknown Bravo Error' messages and LiveCycle performance issues


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So, I work in a corporate setting and have LiveCycle on my machine to create the occasional Dynamic form, and up until about 2 weeks ago a particular form that I've been working on, 'on and off' for months now has just started giving me the most frustrating issues. I'm getting the 'Unknown Bravo Error' message shortly after opening the form and trying to apply or modify existing scripts in the document. I could see if the issue was just suddenly isolated to this version of the form, but what's crazy is now when I open previous versions of the form from months ago, sure enough...same thing. Now mind you, I NEVER had this issues working on these older versions of the SAME form...so what gives? Is it possible that some Windows update from our IT department is now causing LiveCycle to no longer work properly? There are periodic updates that are deployed on our machines so, of course most of the time we never know what's actually being updated or installed. It's also having performance issues as well...slow rendering of menus, elements disappearing, etc. For what it's worth, I now run Windows 10 at work as of about 5 months ago (hate it, want to go back to 7 but...).

Any insight on what direction I need to go in to try to get this resolved, or the real core of this issue would be great. While it's easy to say I've got some bad script somewhere in the current version of my form, that's a hard pill to swallow considering I never had issues before with older versions of the file that have those same scripts in them, and worked just fine in the past...but not now! Thank-you.

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