save as other-> adobe reader extended-> activate tools....

leffe83 10-10-2019


I want to save my finished projekt as an Adobe reader activated PDF.

Im using Adobe livecycle designer and after I´m finished with my design an want people to be able to use it with Adobe reader I need to open it in Adobe Acrobat DC just for saving it as an: Adobe reader extended-> Activate Tools....

why can´t I just do it in the Livecycle designer?

I meen there is a publish function why doesnt this function also give me the possibility to save as you can in Adobe Acrobat?

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The publish function in Designer simply hands over the PDF to Acrobat who then distributes the form. In fact, it's almost the same as doing this manually in Acrobat.

Why you can't apply Reader Extensions directly in Designer? Because of Adobe's product strategy.