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Reset button


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Hi All

I have a pdf form in which some values are prepopulated from the server and are read only fields. Now i have a reset button in the form which resets the whole form.

Now, The problem is when i reset the form the prepopulated fields/readonly fields are also getting reseted but i dont want that to happen.

Is there any way to achieve this?

Pls. help



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Hi Abhiram,

You can specify which fields or subforms to be reset. See an example here: http://assure.ly/jcHEyc.

Another approach would be to declare a number of variables (one for each of the pre-populated fields) and set the value of each variable to the corresponding pre-populated field. Then the script would do a global reset. The last bit of script would set the pre-populated fields value using the variables.

Hope that helps,