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renderPDFForm is generating big pdf files


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In a workbench process Im generating a xdp file that I convert to a PDF file using the renderPDFForm component. This is working, however, the generated PDF document is not being compressed. In the renderPDFForm properties I can´t find any property to compress the pdf file.
My guess is that the component is generating the pdf with fonts included...

What can I control this?

thank you

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It really depends on a number of things.  Is your template or XML data especially large?  What are your settings in the RenderPDF component?  I suggest providing a screenshot.

It's possible if your template is oversized that you have experienced the LC bug that adds thousands of lines of the same XML tag.  That one gets people (including myself a couple times) a lot.

Ryan D. Lunka

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The problem is that the PDF is not being compressed. If I open it with notepad I can see all the text clearly.

Also, fonts are being embbeded.

The only properties I know that can change something about the size of the pdf are:

- PDF version: I cant get this working using a specific version. Only auto make it work;

- xci uri: blank (using the default). Is it possible to make a xci file that instructs Livecycle to not embed any font?

Thank you


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Embedding the font shouldn't make your file size too large.  To answer about XCI URI question, I have no idea.  I've not done any work with that functionality.  Some things you can check though:

1.  If you have images anywhere in your XDP/PDF, make sure they are NOT embedded.  This can be checked in LiveCycle Designer in the properties for each individual image.  Images really crank up file size.

2.  Make sure your form is only a dynamic PDF form if you need it to be.

3.  Make sure ONLY the fonts that you need are embedded.  Say you only need to show Courier to the user.  It may be possible that other fonts are embedded in weird places too.  Sometimes captions that have no text, but are in a different font, will cause that font to also be embedded.  Sometimes an empty "" part of a text field somewhere is set to a different font.  It's a pain, but Ctrl + F through the XML view of your form to try to find any random places an extra font could be set.

As far as the compression goes, I was unaware that FormsService even compressed the PDF by default, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't.  It's possible I've just never investigated it.  But if you have a pretty complex form with a lot of XML data, it's not uncommon for a PDF to end up a couple MBs in size, especially if there are a lot of repeatable subforms/table rows in the form.