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Release Notes for LiveCycle ES 9.1 WIN ESD WWE JBOSS


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Hi All,

Colud you please provide me the link to get LiveCycle ES 9.1 WIN ESD WWE JBOSS release notes. Thanks



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There is no LiveCycle ES 9.1.  There is LiveCycle ES2 (which is 9.0).

The documentation set is all on-line here:



Level 2

LiveCycle is known by a few different things.  LiveCycle ES1 was knowns as version 8.0 and LiveCycle ES2 is known as version 9.0.  Version 9.1 is actually a service pack for LiveCycle ES2.  If you like, I would look at the What's new document for LiveCycle ES2 so you can see what is different in that release (http://www.adobe.com/go/learn_lc_whatsNew_9).