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LR4 Running very slow


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I am having a problem with LR4 processing images excrusiatingly slow.  Changing from one image to the next gives the whirling rainbow of death for as much as 30 seconds.  Highlighting an image in Library and then clicking on Develop gives an empty LR screen for 30 seconds or longer, then the image appears in Develop.  Every click or drag with the brush tool also gives the whirling rainbow of death for 10 to 20 seconds, and so on.  Print module, same thing.  I thought it might be the relatively new Seagate external hard drive I was using, so I moved the entire folder of images (3300 images) to a hard drive that I have been using for years.  Same thing.  So then I moved the entire folder of images right onto the Mac under Pictures, to make certain it isn't the HD (I don't normally keep images on the 1TB internal Mac drive; I am only using 1.6GB of space with all my programs and have 10GB RAM).  Same problem.  Photoshop, Word, Outlook, Acrobat, et al, are working normally.  The images only bog down in LR4.  Never had this problem with earlier versions.  Anyone else experiencing this?

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I am having a similar issue, only mine is with a photo set of only 10 or so photos.  When I use the clone/heal tool, it lags tremendously! Additionally, when I make edits in the exposure, brightness, lights, etc., there is a short lag before it actually updates the photo. 

Before, when I was using LR3, no problems.  Only issue I had was with the brush size, that everyone was experiencing. 

I am currently using:

Macbook Air 11.6"

Core i5 1.6ghz

4GB ram


When I look at system info through LR4, it is only using about 1.5GB of ram.  I don't have any other programs open either.  This is quite weird to me.  Now I'm a little frustrated because I need to finish this set of photos, but I don't want to jump back and forth between LR3 and LR4.  The point of purchasing LR4 was to be able to make a smooth transition.  There goes that ship. lol. Hopefully Adobe can find out what the issue is though, I really like using LR.