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LiveCycle ES2 - conversion from APToolKit


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Hi ,

I am trying to covert a .NET project from
APToolkit to make use of the ES in Adobe Livecycle ES2 9.0.I would be making web services call to the ES2 APIs.

Please can let anyone know the equivalent Livecycle ES2 API's to be used for the following:

1.API To get the number of pages in a PDF document 
2.API To get the number of form fields in a PDF document
3.API to rite a text and Images into a PDF file at a specific location/position using specific fonts
4.API to set the form field data - I think we can use form services API , right?
5.API to insert a new page into an existing PDF file
5.API to merge a PDF file
6.API to add a bookmark and to navigate to a bookmark in a pdf file

I am planning to use Base64 calls to these APIs

Can I use these APIs in .NET 2.0 or does it require .net 3.5,because some of the exmaples stress on using .NET 3.5 especially the ones using MTOM.I am trying to avoid using MTOM.

Please can you calrify the above points?



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The APTool kit s from active pdf component.

Please can any one point out the right APIs to use.


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Most of what you are looking for is done through LiveCycle ES Assembler using commands from a DDX file.  Have a look at the DDX guide:



Level 2

Thanks for your reply.My requirements are like this.

The users may upload non pdf documents ,which should be converted to pdf .I have the livecycle API which can do this - GeneratePDF Service

I would also need to stitch multiple documents into a pdf.for this,i can make use of the Assembler API,but it doesn't seem to work for me when i tried.

Next,a barcoded image is to be written onto the pdf fileand it has to be positioned on four sides top,bottom, left and right around some information in the pdf.I am doing this through the Active pdf  tool kit  like this :

APToolkit.PrintImage(sElawLogoFileName, 276, 680, 60, 30, 1)

For Barcode,

APToolkit.PrintJPEG(sHorizontalBarcodeFileName, 100, 720, 240, 60, 0)
                    APToolkit.PrintJPEG(sHorizontalBarcodeFileName, 100, 40, 240, 60, 0)
                    APToolkit.PrintJPEG(sVerticleBarcodeFileName, 5, 400, 50, 200, 0)

Again pdf will have some place holders whose value is dynamic.

Also for writing text on to the pdf, i do this with Active PDF APtoolkit

   APToolkit.SetFont("Helvetica", 10)
                    APToolkit.PrintText(10, 660, sLine)
                    APToolkit.PrintText(10, 645, "Name: " & p_sName)
                    APToolkit.PrintText(10, 630, "Age: " & p_sAge)
                    APToolkit.PrintText(10, 615, "Address: " & p_sAddress)

So I was looking at a way to acheive all this through the API calls.I would also need to attach a logo to the pdf file dynamically.How can this be acheived through Livecycle ES2 API's.

To edit the pdf content,should i convert the pdf file to a xml,the change the xml and then convert that to pdf again?or is there any other way?

Thanks in advance