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LC ES2 SP2 undeploy EAR?


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Hi LC friends,

We have a JBoss turnkey SLB (Server Load Balancing) setup. I want to upgrade to SP2 and in the guidelines, one of the first steps it tells me to 'undeploy old EAR files'.

- What specific files are we talking about? is it all installed LC module EARs or what?

I have tried to install 1) SP2, 2) Solution Accelerator 3) run configuration manager. The installation works and state it is a SP2 setup. I did not undeploying old EAR files, so is a little uneasy about if this is ok or the is a better way..

Help is very much appreciated


Thomas Groenbaek

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Thanks Jayan,

I know of this guide and have followed it.

In my case I ran LCM after I installed SP2 + SA, and it seems to me that LCM complete all these 6 steps when you run it once.

- Run LCM to build new EAR files
- Undeploy your current EAR files
- Re-start your appserver instance(s)
- Deploy all of the new EARs
- Using LCM, deploy DSCs (“Solution Components”)
- Using LCM, configure the SAs

So just want to have you/other clearified that I do not need to make a manual step to undeploy old EAR files or run LCM multiple times? correct?Can you

I think this walkthrough could be more specific about that