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Is there any way to copy output from one content area to another?


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I have two tables in separate parts of the form that need to be able to overflow to the next page. The data in both tables is mirrored; it needs to display the same data on each page, on two separate areas of the form. 


I've already ran into the issue of tables only displaying ONCE after livecycle has generated them, even if you set the binding on both tables to the same data source. Using a workaround by copying the data to another source, I have two tables, with two different data sources. I don't think this is going to work, but it is a start.


Currently, I have the tables in separate content areas. The main issue is that as soon as one table overflows, the other one disappears until the overflow is finished and vice-versa. I feel like if there's a way to just copy the output of one content area to another, or if there's some way to generate the form asynchronously, I could get around this issue. 


Probably a longshot posting on here, but I need all the help I can get!


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Have you tried setting the Data Binding to "Use global data"?


have a script like:


this.rawValue = theothertablecell.rawValue;