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Interactive Dynamic XFA (Generated Accessibility Information (tags) for Acrobat )


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I created an Interactive Dynamic XFA form that has expandable text boxes, I used Adobe Live Cycle ES2 to create this form. I went through all the necessary steps even in the save options I selected (Generated Accessibility Information (tags) for Acrobat ) but for some reason when I view the file in Adobe acrobat pro its says “No Tags available”.

I know there are some registration when creating forms with AdobeLive, however not viewing tags I didn’t think was one of them.

Is there a way to add tags and keep the format?

I need a way to run some QA checks on accessible PDF and I can’t do this if the file doesn’t have tags.

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XFA forms (forms created with LiveCycle or AEM Form Designer), can be created to be accessible but do not leverage tags in the PDF like static PDF forms created with Acrobat.  As XFA forms are typically saved as dynamic PDFs, everytime a user interacts with the form and a new section might get added or removed, the tags would have to be regenerated.  As such, it was not feasible to use PDF Tags for accessibility.  Instead, Adobe supports MSAA (.Microsoft Active Accessibility - Wikipedia).  Tools like JAWS fully support this standard for accessiblity.

See the link below on accessibility and dynamic forms:

Accessibility and Dynamic Forms | Adobe LiveCycle Blog