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Individual character sizes for a display pattern


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Hello, I actually posted this same question before trying to acheive the below request using acrobat scripts

I need to individually control the display font size of characters inputted in to field.  I am not sure if I should be using the display pattern options.  Perhaps some code needs to be entered in that display field.

The form I am creating will be for retail stores to print A4 price tickets onto pre printed paper.  This form is only for printing, the field I need help with is the price input.

The user will input a price like 99.95

The appearance i desire is something like this,


I do not want the decimal point to show but I think it is needed in the input.  These smaller characters are 25% of the larger ones.  I would be happy to use superscript if it was easier to achieve.

Sometimes a user inputs a price with nothing after the decimal point like 99

The appearance is identical but leaving the 95 off.  I do not want a .00 to appear if there is no data after the decimal point.

I general I would like the font as big as possible in the field and centered.

Will llivecycle do this for me or should I be working in another program.

Hopefully one of you can help.


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There is no out of box solution for what you are looking for. However I tried different options and found one workable solution you may be interested in. The solution includes adding textfields with floatingfields for running text and then adding few lines of code.

Post your email in here or send me an email at n_varma(AT)lycos.com I will try to send you a sample. It is easy and simple however you need to follow same steps for each of the input fields.