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import XML data and duplicate


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Ok to begin i am using LiveCycle Designer ES for making labels. I set the back round as the label and add fillable text blocks with global linking so i only have to enter 1 box instead of 8. Now the project i have now has about 200 items (in Excel 2007) i need to make labels for, i do not have the time. Now i have got to the point using XML schemas to import the excel items to the linked XML file.

Current XML schema:


         <section product="" description="" />

         <section product="" description="" />


Which made an xml with all the items within the excel document

     EX: <section product="XXXXXX" description="XXXXXX"/>

Ok so after that, everything imports correctly when the text fields are linked, then populated from the exported PDF. My main question is how can i get the text block from LiveCycle to duplicate (the same item) throughout the page without going to the next item? (when adding a new text block it just populates it with the next item) And if this is possible can i have it auto generate PDF (one page of labels of one item only, and save them if possible) so i don't have to redo everything?

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