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How to convert Binary Data into XML ???


Level 10

I am calling the getTaskInfo method of TaskManagerService class using Web Service API.

The result includes the formdata in two formats:

1.  Binary content of the form

2.  Remote URL of the form data

I have to find a value of a particular field using one of the above information.

I am unable to convert the binary data to XML directly. I have also tried fetch the document based on remoteURL parameter which is also not working.

Any suggestions are highly appreciated.



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Level 3

Hi Nith,

what does that "binary" stuff look like? If it's a Base64-like string, you could create a document variable by decoding it, then have a look if it's actually XML. If not, it may be a PDF, which you could extract XML data from by using the FormAugmenter service.



Level 10

Hi Steffen,

I found the same solution and fixed the issue long time back. Just forgot to close this forum topic.

Thanks for your knowledge sharing.