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Help with forms


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I am brand new to LiveCycle Designer ES2 and I am creating a fillable form using a blank form.  I will have instructions/directions in this form but will need the end user to type in their information.  I need the form to have flowable text in certain parts of the form and if need be flow to the next page.  I watched tutorials read stuff on the internet and I am obviously missing something.  I have added a text field, wrapped the text field in a "subform".  In the layout I have "autofit it to Y", in object I have selected content "flowed" and "allowed page breaks within content" but I get a yellow caution symbol when I do this and when I test the form the text will not flow to the next page.  I have been working on this for over a week I sure would appreciate any help anyone could give me. 

When the yellow caution pops up this is what it says

" This object may not work properly.  Although the object is allowed to break, deselecting the alow page breaks within content option of the parent object restricts this object from breaking between pages.

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Hi Sariah,

If you deselect the "Alow page breaks within content" this warning will remove. It seems ypu want to create flowable forms. Please refer the beow URL.