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GS1 data matrix, what FNC1 start code in livecycle designer for ascii232


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We are designing GS1 Datamatrix labels. For that code we need to define the FNC1 ascii code when using plain Datamatrix. FNC1 represents the start code in the GS1 data matrix.

the FNC1 code is officially the ascii 232 character (capital phi or è). When entering the ascii it appears to be "235" so code cannot be read.

What FNC1 representation of the GS1 start code is applicable in Adobe livecycle designer ? Does anyone know ?

thx. Aad

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There is still no possibility to generate GS1 datamatrix in Adobe Live Cycle Designer 11.

First option: use GS1 Code128 using the Command [F1] inside the string to be encoded.

Second option, if you are good in javascript, you can generate a gs1 datamatrix barcode as image inside the scripting area.

If you using SAP and Adobe Forms you could generate a gs1 datamatrix in ABAP as a image and transferring the image data as xstring over the forms interface to the form.

A Company who offers a ABAP solution for that are for example:

SAP Barcode Generator - Europe IT Consulting.ch