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Form adjusting depending on choice of object


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Hi guys!

I am currently trying to replicate an interactive PDF-form that I have seen. It will adjust the rest of the form depending on what choice of object you choose in a drop down menu. For example, if I choose option 1, the form will turn into something that suits option 1 and if I choose option 2 the form will suddenly adjust to option 2. But I have no idea how to replicate this. I have looked at action builder but can't figure it out. Maybe it wasn't even created with Livecykle, maybe they used InDesign or something else? Maybe it requires some heavy scripting? I have no idea. Could anyone help push me into the right direction?

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I don't know how much you know about LiveCycle so you may need some more information, and you are a bit light-on in what you are asking for but here are some thoughts...

Make your drop-down and add your choices and in the Binding tab click "Specify Item Values".

Make two-subforms, each containing a different design.

Use the Exit option on your Drop-Down to add an if (this.rawValue == 1) choose subform1. Enter another if statement for each of your drop-down options.

Good luck.