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Fiber - Template error - ASOfflineAdapter


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When I generate the offline adapters from my data model, I get following error:

template error in "ASOfflineAdapter.ftl": Method public fiber.gen.as.offline.SQLiteQueryGenerator fiber.gen.as.offline.OfflineHelper.getSQLiteQueryGenerator(java.lang.String) threw an exception when invoked on fiber.gen.as.offline.OfflineHelper@2ebe81 Mobile_App  Unknown Data Model Code Generation Marker

is this a known issue and is here already a solution for?

My data model contains 18 entities with several relationships between them.


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Ok, very simpel!

Don't use "Type" as a key in your entity.

Stupid mistake, but when you're searching for that...



Sorry about that!

The generator probably should have caught that and thrown a meaningful error.  Can you post an FML entity snippet that reproduces the problem?  We can take a look at making this better in the future.



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<entity name="Priority" persistent="true">

<annotation name="VisualModeler" x="634" y="12" width="115" height="78"/>

<annotation name="ServerProperties" ServerType="LCDS"/>

<annotation name="ActionScriptGeneration" OfflineAdapterPackage="com.mobility.offline" Package="com.mobility" ImplicitServicePackage="com.mobility.services" MDFPackage="com.mobility.form" GenerateOfflineAdapter="true"/>

<annotation name="JavaGeneration" Package="com.mobility.java" GenerateAssembler="true" AssemblerPackage="com.mobility.assembler"/>

<id name="ID" type="string" generated="true"/>

<id name="Type" type="string" generated="true"/>

<property name="Description" type="string"/>


When the name of an id is "Type", the offline adapter file is generated empty with a error message.


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I have opened a bug on this problem.


Data Services QE


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We are not reproducing this issue using current builds of the modeler plugins.  Can you let us know what builds you are using.  Check plugin build number from the help/about eclipse dialog.  Click installation details. Copy the 'Installed Software' view's contents and reply.  Thanks.


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This issue is not reproduced with more current modeler plugins.  If others run into this issue, please use the workaround.  The workaround is to not use keywords as names.