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Extension Server Pricing


Level 2

Can someone tell me how much Livecycle Extension Server costs?

I've got the creative suite 4 package, but need the Livecycle server extensions and just want some idea of the price...please?

I have a feeling that it depends on certain criteria like distribution numbers, but just a ball park figure would be really useful.


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Level 8

You'll have to talk to your Adobe Sales Rep for that information.  Pricing will depend on number of users, server sizing, number of documents to be extended, etc.  There are other things like discounts and special pricing that may apply depending on your circumstances.


Level 2

Thank you for your answer Hodmi,

Trust me, I've tried to contact Adobe, but it's near impossible to get an answer here in the UK.

I just want some idea, just a clue, is it 50p per form, £500 per form?

Can anyone who's purchased this extension help?

Many thanks...Sean


Level 1

This has always been my issue with LiveCycle. Just give me some kind of ballpark pricing. Shouldn't be that difficult. I don't wanna talk to reps and I don't wanna get my LiveCycle PhD from hours of reading and contemplating the thousands of pages of small font LC commentary on Adobe's site. I just want some simple ballpark pricing.


Joe Bob does x submissions and he pays this much each month. Peggy Sue, meanwhile, does y submissions each month and she pays this much. Don't understand why this is so difficult? It almost feels like you're getting sucked into a timeshare or something.


LC Designer is a very cool program. I've created a lot of dynamic PDFs and helped automate a lot of processes for a lot of small to medium sized businesses over the years by by having the PDFs submit to a NXD backend because I preferred that to the thought of having to deal with calling Adobe just to get a hint of what pricing might be.