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dataObjects property doesn't work properly


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a Thank to everyone that take their time to give me answer to my questions especially to Bruce.

I have a litle problem. I want check if there are some attachments files on my form then i want gire their name if no i just want to hidde the field.

I saw some exmaples on internet with dataObjects. but when i use it on my script it send me this error.  ->

Script failed (language is javascript; context is xfa[0].form[0].Benteler3DMaster[0].TOC[0].attachedFilesName[0])

script = var myDoc = event.target;

var attachments = myDoc.dataObjects;

if (attachments !== null) {

this.rawValue = "not files found";

} else {

this.rawValue = "there are some files";


Error: Invalid property get operation; field doesn't have property 'dataObjects'

i use Designer aem 6.3 form.




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Hi Arthur,

What event is this script running in, the calculate event?  It looks ok to me syntactical , but haven't you the condition

if (attachments !== null) {

around the wrong way, look like it should be

if (attachments === null) {

You should get a line number in the error message, have you dropped that off when pasting into the forum?



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yes i run it in the calculate event on the server side.

there is thre error message ->  Error: Invalid property get operation; field doesn't have property 'dataObjects'.

when i initialize a variable like var doc = event.target; i dont receive any error , but when i add dataObjects i receive an error like  Error: Invalid property get operation; field doesn't have property 'dataObjects'

i changed the if statement but i receive the same error.



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Probably can't help with any server side questions, I haven't done much and haven't an environment to test with.

But, your error does seem strange, like you have a field object called myDoc which is confusing the JavaScript engine. Is that possible?

Also there should be a line or two before that message which gives the context of the error, something like;


Maybe a screen shot will help.