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Data Connection not returning values in Reader 9.3.0


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Is there any known issue with Acrobat Reader 9.3.0 not connecting to the WSDL? In Acrobat Pro 9.3.1 the data is retrieved from the WSDL then displayed in the bound field upon pressing the execute button.

Things I've checked:

    • I've made sure, both in Acrobat Pro &  Acrobat Reader versions, access is allow to my website in the Trust Manager's "Manage Internet Access" dialog box
    • I've extended the Form using the Advanced menu's "Extend Features in Acrobat Reader" and I'm testing in the extended version

Can anyone tell me what else I might be missing?

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Extending a PDF using Acrobat has limited capability. For database and webservices connectivity you may need to have the form extended through the Reader Extensions server component.




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The right to allow Web Service connections is only exposed with LiveCycle Reader Extensions ....it is not in the Acrobat Reader Extensions version.



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I want to extend usage rights in a PDF via a ColdFusion Component that extends the form on the fly.

Anybody know the proper syntax to add the reader extension rights to allow a Web services usage in the PDF (e.g. "Form.Export")?