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Custom screen reader text displaying as on-screen tool tip


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This question has been asked on here a few times, but I don't see an answer.

I have some fields on my form that I want to have more explanation in the accessibility tag for screen readers than I would in a tool tip.

I also have some fields that don't need a tool tip, but do need custom text for the screen reader.

When I set custom text for a field, that text is showing up as a tool tip.

Is there a way to:

1. Have different text for custom screen reader text than the tool tip text?

2. Have text in custom screen reader text but no text in tool tip, and no tool tip displays?

The only choice that seems to suppress all on-screen tip displays is none. I don't understand how I could get custom text to work for the screen reader but not appear on screen. It doesn't seem to make any difference if the text is in the tool tip box or in the custom screen reader text box -- both show up as on-screen tool tips.

I have custom text on this field, and the preference set to custom text. The custom text is showing up as an on-screen tool tip. I only want the custom text to be read by a screen reader, and not appear on-screen.




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Bump for an answer. I have the exact same questions:

Can you suppress tooltips, even if there is custom screen reader text? Setting the preference to None also disables the custom screen reader text. The ever-present tooltips are quite annoying.