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Changing Livecycle form to an Acroform. This needs to work..


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Okay when I asked my managers to purchase the software, I must have misunderstood LiveCycle capabilities cause I would not have purchased Acrobat Pro if I wasnt able to do this..and this is bad.

At a high level, what I want to do is create a form and embed it on our website.

I have seen this done with Acroforms that is why I was so happy about the software.

I have created a form in LiveCycle and I want to use that template and convert it to an Acroform and post it on our website.

Why cant I do this? This is our only option. We cant use acrobat.com, we cant purchase additionaly items, and there isnt a server/network folder that we can post it to. I want to post it to a website just like with acroforms.

I know that livecycle frms are XML this is the reason they cant be converted. but I just need the template and I guess i can imput the dropdown/list items in acrobat

please tell me this can work otherwise i am screwed and out of options

also if you need clarification let me know

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Acrobat creates interactive PFD forms referred to as Acroforms. LiveCycle Designer creates interactive PDF forms referred as a XFA (XML Form Architecture) forms. You can neither create an XFA form in Acrobat nor create an Acroform in Designer. You can import an Acroform into Designer and create an interactive XFA form, however.



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If I create an AcroForm in Acrobat I have the ability to embed the form in a website so users can access them. This functionality seems to go away when I use LiveCycle. Is there a way around it? We need our users to have access to forms via the internet (embedding them). We have a very small department and meet the EULA license.

Please let me know, your help will be greatly appreciated. I am an intern and my managers have tasked me with this project and I have no experience with it.

Thank you


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Hi Mark,

How do you mean embed into your website ? - Are you referring to having the PDF openin within the browser through the reader plugin ?

Can you clarify how this ability 'goes away'  with LiveCycle ?

You can have the LiveCycle forms , XFA Based, saved as a Dynamic PDF form from designer..  This will add a PDF wrapper around the XFA structure and users will be able to access the PDF eForm as standalone.

It will also be possible to embed this PDF eForm within the website.