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Adobe liveCycle Designer - Sort Table Content Using Javascript


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Hello Gurus,

I need an urgent help here.

I am doing form development on SAP business By design and I dont have the access to backend data. So, I have to do everything in javascript.

The requirement is to sort the content of the table to be printed and then we need to add sub-total row after a set of items end.

So something like this.


Document #Item #Amount
Subtotal 600
Subtotal 500

Now, in the 1st script I have written a logic to loop on the table

- Compare current and next entry. Swap if 1st>2nd. (I am just replacing the content of rows at index 1 and 2)

- Now I get a sorted table.

- On the sorted table I have written script to add amount field but I found that in the second loop (it is iterating on unsorted data)

which means that content was not bounded to node, it just changed at runtime. Although getting printed in the sorted manner.

Please help on this issue.

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There is a sample on John Brinkman's blog, Sort Subforms , this is for sorting subforms, but a table row is really a subform.




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Hi Bruce, I need to Sort Subforms, I already read the blog you mentioned, but i could download the example, Do you have it?

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