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Turnkey Installation fails to start JBoss service


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I'm installing the Turnkey LiveCycle on a PC running Windows Vista.

The LiveCycle Configuration Manager fails with the error:

Service startup failed for: JBoss for Adobe LiveCycle ES

If I try and manually start the service from Windows, I get this:

"The JBoss for Adobe LiveCycle ES service started than stopped."

Running JBossService.exe from the command prompt does nothing - it just returns to the prompt with no error message.

However, if I go the bin directory and execute 'run.bat', the server starts fine - I can access the configuration pages from my web browser on localhost:8080

It seems to be a problem with the wrapper that makes it into a Windows service.

Any ideas of how I can get fix this?


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Check the account the service is running under from the "Services".

Just select Local System Account and that should be fine.



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Thanks Jasmin.

I found it was a 64bit Windows issue. The 'JBossService.exe' which is really a copy of 'JavaService' needs to be replaced with a version compiled for 64 bit Windows.

I used the file from "JavaService-".



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Thanks! Solved the same problem on a 64 bit server right here.

How did you find the solution?