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Table - Data Entry?

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Hi All,

I cannot find how to do this in Designer (It's a fillable PDF form). I have need of a table in which someone can add as many rows as needed for the following information:

Class Number - Class Name - Class Hours

I thought a table that would add lines as needed would be a good solution but I cannot figure out how to do this.

I apologize if this is an easy one, I'm new to this.


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Hi Wendy,

For my understanding: do you want to let your table act like Microsoft Word does (add a row dynamically as soon as you hit the TAB-key at the end of the table) or is it ok with you when a user needs to click a button (or something else) to add a row?

Reason for asking is that the second suggestion is much more easier to achieve.


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Hi Edgar,

I am having this same issue. My form is all set up, flowed and is working great except that I can't figure out how to add additional rows to the table, when filling out the form.

would you be able to help with how to do this, by either method you suggested?

As you say that a button is the easier method, would you be able to help with that method first?

Thank you

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I figured out how to add rows using the button tool and help.

However, now I keep getting an error message "The element [max] has violated its allowable number of occurences" and cannot figure out how to correct this.

Please help.


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Hi Wendy,

Well, I figured out how to create a table like this (with the help of LiveCycle help, which is somewhat difficult to use, I find).

Here is how I finally accomplished creating a table where you can add as many lines are required.

1. Add a table to your form by selecting the "table" tool out of the "library" that appears to the right of your screen. Drag the table onto the form. When the "insert table" box pops up, select "create table using assistant" (the second option), click "okay", then in "body layout" select "rows vary depending on data" and enter the number of columns you want (add one extra column for the button that will add rows at this point), then click next, if you want a header row, select this option (or not) and click next, select if you want a footer row and click next, select if your table will have sections or not (probably not for users entering data) and click next, then select if you want alternate row shading or not and click finish.

2. to add rows to the table:

Select the "button" tool out of the library and drag it over to the spot you want the button to appear (generally the left-most column, in the first body row). Change the caption of the button (under Object, Cell) to whatever you want, but "Add Row" is likely the most obvious.

Then, in the row above the form you are working on, change "show: initalize" to "Click" from the drop down list (this allows the button to be activated by clicking on it with your cursor.

Beside this, in the white strip, put the text "Table21.Row1.instanceManager.addInstance(1);" in this space and click the green button to the right to update the information. In this text, make sure the "Table" portion has the same number or title of the table that you have named it, i.e. if it is table 1, it will be "Table1.Row1....".

Beside this white row, change the "Language" to "Javascript".

At this point, if you check your table, you should be able to click on the button and add a row. Now you can format the table to whatever you like.

If you want the boxes to expand (i.e. flow) to accomodate data, make sure you make the entire table a subform, and each cell a text enterable field and click "expand to fit" under "height" in the layout menu for that field.

This should give you a table that the user can add lines to as they need them.

I hope this helps you. It was frustrating to figure out for me!

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The help in LiveCycle designer is pretty useful, this would be covered in the help
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OK, so I have my table set up with add and delete row buttons. My problem is, how do I specify which row I want deleted? I assumed it would delete the row associated with the button but apparently that is not the case. It deletes whichever instance is specified in the code (i.e. removeInstance(1)). HOw do I define that instance?

I cannot find anything in the help regarding this.
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I have a similar problem as Paul. I have Add Row and Delete Row buttons. The Delete Row button only deletes the last row. I would like to specify which row the user can delete. Is there a way to achieve this?
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Good News Pete,

I found out how to do this. Here is the format of the text you need to enter.


So instead of having a number in the removeInstance(), you enter parent.parent.index just as it is typed here.

Hope this works for you. Good luck.
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I don't know if my last message posted or not, but this only worked for deleting a row of choice.

What would you do for an add row button to insert a new row between two existing rows of choice?

Level 10
Level 10
You can add the Instance as you have done then you can use moveInstance to put it where you want.