Submit/Popup Alert




First off: I'm editing in Livecycle Designer 8 on WinXP

I have a form That needs to have a button or field that submits to an email and also popups a file simultaneously. I currently have the submit button on the bottom of the form and It works flawlessly for sumit, however; I can't get it to popup another file on the local drive. Any help would be appreciated on how I can script this. Preferably in a Mouseover type fashion once the user comes near the button in reader. Thanks





You can display an alert by using the app.alert("message") command. If you want it to display an HTML file that is a different story. This is not possible by sending an email. If you were to post the submission to a web server then you could have a reply written back from the server which would be displayed by Acrobat/Reader inside of the browser. If this is stand alone (i.e. no browser) then your html page would not be interpretted.