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Still having problems losing Usage Rights


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I've created a series of about 30 forms in Livecycle 8.0 that our office sends out to agencies that need to be able to save them through Acrobat Reader.

I've been enabling usage rights through Adobe Professional verson 8.1.3 but am encountering a problem where, after the forms have been left unopened for a couple of days, next time they're opened the usage rights are no longer there.

This doesn't happen if I close and immediately reopen the forms, only if I repoen them several days later. Also, the usage rights reset at the same time on all 30 forms.

There are a few calculation scripts (in FormCalc) on my forms, as well as some invisible fields that are revealed through use of a drop-down and a dummy e-mail submit button that triggers the real one, which is hidden. Would any of these affect it? It seems strange that they would be altering the forms when the forms aren't being opened.

Do usage rights enabled through Professional have a time limit after which they expire? And if so, would this problem be fixable with Reader Extensions or would I just run into it again?

Thanks for the help!
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I am not aware of any timeout on an open form. You may want to take this up with support.