Header Row is not repeating correctly after the form is saved with additional Adobe Reader Rights



Hello everyone,

i hope someone knows a solution to this problem because i am really becoming desperate with this. Please excuse my bad english.

First things first:

- I know there are some threads here with a likewise problem and i tried the solution suggestions there but nothing seems to work for my form.

- The form was created with Livecycle Designer ES2 (v9.

- I use Acrobat X (v10.1.15) to save the form with additional Adobe Reader Rights.

The issue:

- I saved the form with with additional Adobe Reader Rights with Acrobat.

- I open the form with Adobe Reader (DC 2015)

- I add 1 or more rows via the "+"-Button in the table

- I save the form

- I close Adobe Reader

- I open it again in Adobe Reader

---> now i have a header row on page 1 for every row i added with the "+"-Button

My pagination settings for the header row are as followed:

- show on first page

- show on every page

My Binding settings are as followed:

- Repeat for every element

Could someone please help?








i found a solution!

The subforms within the header row must not have a custom title, in the hierarchy they have to be called "(untitled Subform)". As soon as i give a subform a custom title, for example "sfrSomething", the problem with the multiple header rows appears. The cells within the header row can have a custom title, the problem appears only with subforms and only within the header row.

I don't know why this is the way it is, but for me it worked.