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Sending notification email to a group which is under a local domain


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I can assign tasks to local groups (under local domain, but people are from enterprise). But i cannot send email to these local groups. Send mail operation accepts only email address as input. Could you advice an easy way to do it. I tried FindGroupMembers operation, but it gives the error 'String length is wrong'.

I use LC 8.2

Thanks in advance

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Why don't you create a mailing list. You can assign that mailing list address to the group.



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When i give the local group name as an input to 'Send With Map of Attachments' operation, it doesnt resolve the group's email and sends.


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It won't. There's only one email address associated with a group.

That's why I suggest creating a mainling list.



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I have a mailing list..Let's say address is list1@abc.com..

I have a group under a local domain..Let's say DEV\Group1..

I set list1@abc.com as the email address of Group1.

I set Group1 as an input fo To field of 'Send With Map of Attachments' operation. It fails to send. Did you get me right?


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If you look at the help for that service the TO field has to be set with the following: "A comma-separated list of email addresses."

This service doesn't resolve any user or group email address. You need to specifically put the email addresses in there.



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We have a component that will take a group name or id as input, and return a whole bunch of information about the group, including (tadaaahhh) a comma separated list of all the users in that group. It will even recurse and flatten groups, so if you have groups within groups, you'll get a single list of all users (and no repeats, even if someone exists in multiple groups).

Check out these resources.

Components (with downloads): http://www.avoka.com/avoka/escomponents.shtml

Docs: http://avoka.dnsalias.com/confluence/display/Public/Avoka+LiveCycle+ES+Components - click on "Lookup DSC"

Addons: http://www.avoka.com/avoka/addons.shtml

Hope this helps...



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We have done this for many clients here at Cardinal. We wrote some SQL that queried all the email addresses for users under a specified group and specified (optionally) domain and returned the data as XML which is then used to create a comma-separated list of the email address.

We wrapped all that up in a component that accepts the following as input:

Group Name or ID

Domain Name or ID (optional)


Body (as either HTML or standard text)

The component then sends an email based on the above parameters (and some others that you can optionally specifiy such as a CC and/or BCC list and emails everyone within the group and (if specified) domain.

Let me know if you'd like more information as I'd be happy to help.

Josh Boyle


Cardinal Solutions Group


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This is slightly OT, but if you assign a task to a group of users, do you have to write a separate process to send the task notification.  Livecycle does not appear to send notifications to groups.