LCCS Alternatives



Hi all,

You may have seen an email message earlier today from me describing our plans to shutdown the LCCS service on December 31st.    I would like to use this thread for the community to discuss alternatives.   There isn't a one-size fits all solution so I think it's useful to talk about a couple of different options.  You may discover others on your own so please post them here.  To get the discussion started, here's some things I've looked at.

  • Open Source.  We have looked at this as an option and it's simply not viable for a number of reasons.   There are dependancies on third party and Adobe code that are extremely difficult to separate out.   Some of this code runs other services at Adobe that will continue to operate.
  • Flash Media Server.  LCCS is an application built on top of FMS.   I've spoken with some customers that are planning to build the LCCS features they need on top of an FMS server.   Having spoken with the FMS product manager, I can say that FMS continues to have a roadmap and will be getting investment.   We will continue to sell it into the future.   I realize this option may not be viable for some because of the associated expense around licensing and hosting your own FMS server - which brings us to FMS hosting
  • FMS hosting services:  http://www.influxis.com/ does FMS hosting.  There may be others that provide this service as well.   Please post others if you know of any. 

Also if you need further information from Adobe, I''ll do my best to dig it up.







HI Jeff,

Thanks for your continued help with this. I fully understand many of these issues are totally out of your hands.

We do have an FMS Server, used in a different part of our company, and it’s as yet not something Ive been able to look at. There are others that are in charge of it.

What Im looking for is some understanding of how I would go about transferring our LCCS functionality onto the FMS server.

Bearing in mind that as of this moment I am starting from a point of zero FMS knowledge, apart from knowing it’s there and available for me to use.

The current FMS server in our company is used to with pre-built modules and we don’t have an FMS developer in house. It looks like Im about to become that person

Where do I even start lol

Initially, I would need to translate what we’ve been able to do with LCCS via our FMS Server.

Im really looking for any help, I can with this.

Bear in mind that today is effectively day one of my R&D time regarding this, and I thought contacting you could be a good start.

We have several projects that were due to be based around LCCS services that I now need to look at again with a view to running them via FMS.

My basic question, where do I even start J

Anything would be helpful, even a list of resources or possibly to make contact with others here who are about to start the same journey.

Thanks as always Jeff



Tinylion uk




Hello Jeff,

I am sad to learn about LCCS. Can you please tell me how we can continue to use screensharing on standard FMS?




Hi Glen,

I would first start here and check if any of the FMS examples would help:


If you bought FMS, check their forum and see if there is support for developing some of the features you need.





Hi Glen,

I've pinged the FMS team for any additonal resources on getting started with FMS.

I'll post them as soon as I receive them.





Hi Jeff,

Yes, anything that would give a one-to-one (or as close as can be) for using/creating components that fulfill the same functionality on FMS as LCCS would be great.

For example, what are the FMS equivelents to the LCCS SDK Navigator app that explains all the components we can use.





As far as I can tell, LCCS was built on FMS and an XMPP server. ( google XEP-60 for more detail on the XMPP angle )

My current plan is to use FMS or Red5 with Openfire or eJabberd. It'll also need some glue to tie authentication and screenshare into it.

I think with a bit of effort, I'll be able to reuse most of the LCCS client code and have a pretty stable, maintainable system.

Does any one else have any plans yet?




Hello Jamie,

I have implemented the screensharing feature for many customers of mine. And now am absolutely stuck. I don't mind using FMS 4.5 (Influxis etc.), but does screensharing work on them? This is going to be a huge loss for me

I don't know Java or any other language.





A few months ago at the Flex Summit, Adobe announced that it would donate LCCS to the Spoon project.


"Adobe will do the following…

Open source contribution of related technologies:

blazeds.net, server-side AS, LCDS, LCCS, TLF, Gravity, FXG, OSMF"

Is Adobe still going according to this plan, or this yet another broken promise from Adobe?

Because quite franklly, replacing hundreds of thousands of dollars of code is not a feasible solution. And considering Adobe's recent track record at taking care of its customer base, neither is reverse-engineering something that works perfectly well to work with another Abode product (FMS) with a now very questionable lifespan. Either find a way to migrate it to Spoon, or sell it as a standalone product like FMS so that the millions of dollars the industry has spent developing for this technology will not go to waste. Anything less is simply abysmally irresponsible.

Please Adobe, I am begging you, do not shut this down without migrating it to spoon or offering it as a standalone product like FMS.