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Dynamic Table Only Displaying 1 Row


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I have a table where the number of body rows is determined by the amount of data bound to the table. Additionally, I have a workflow that inserts a new body row node directly into the form's XML.

Unfortunately, my table within the form will only display one row even though I have verified that there are multiple rows worth of data in the XML as a result of my workflow.

Any ideas on how to get all the data to show?

Thanks in advance
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Look into the following things...

1. Select the DataRow for the table in the hierarchy. In the OBJECT palette, select the BINDING tab. Verify that "Repeat Row for Each Data Item" is selected. Check any of the other three tabs as needed.

2. Check that the subForm in which the table resides is set to "Flowable". If it is not or your table sits in a subform with many other things, you may have to do some rearranging. Usually you can make a flowed subform appear like your positioned layout using margins for your objects.

3. Check your script that parses through the XML. Is that even how you are doing this?

I just did the exact same thing in the project I am working on now, so if you have any questions, reply or email me at rlunka@cardinalsolutions.com.

Hope this helps!


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I am doing the similar thing. What is xpath syntax to set value to multiple rows in data table.

for example: I have 3 employee, who has name

I tried to use set value to:



but it did not work, it gave an error of "invalid xml character"

Can anybody give me some help with this?