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Don't Have Permission to Create Nodes


I'm working with the File example and I'm getting the
following error:

Error: MessageManager.createNode : insufficient permissions
to create node

I'm creating the node on a SYNCHRONIZATION_CHANGE event as

I've got the room set up so that guests are automatically
promoted. Does that not work as far as Node-creating permission?

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Former Community Member
Hi Ryan,

You can create a new node only if you are owner of the room
or you are promoted to have host role i.e. role = 100 . When you
autopromote someone, that user gets promoted to a role = 50 i.e. a
presenter role. If you do not autopromote , the default role = 10 ,
i.e. that of a viewer.

Hence you need to promote the incoming user further to a role
= 100, merely autopromote won't give him enough permission to
create a new node.


Hironmay Basu