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Autofill cell with current date


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Here is a question about a table containing 2 columns. These are:

Barcodescan - date scan

The purpose of the form is that a user can scan a barcode so that the text of the barcode is put in the first column. Automaticly the next column should be filled with the date (and if possible) time of the scan (This means the data/time of filling the one cell).

The question is how to automaticly have the date-cell fill with the date without having the user to enter in manually.

Any help in MUCH appreciated!

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Not sure about how its used, but know that's the command


Level 2
a current date box comes as standard and is found under 'custom'

it puts this formcalc in the form:ready box

// Current Date in short-style date format.

$.rawValue = num2date(date(), DateFmt(1))


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Hi Joe,

On the exit event of the "barcode text field", you can set the current date of the other field by (Formcalc)

barcodeDateField.rawValue = Concat(Num2Date(Date(), "MM/DD/YYYY"), " ", Num2Time(Time(), "HH:MM"));

Hope helps

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