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Query Service-Does not return all columns


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I've a dataset which contains 51 columns but when I query my dataset in query service it return just 16 columns.

Column in dataset : 

_id endUserIDs._experience.emailid.id web.webInteraction.URL
 application.launches.value endUserIDs._experience.emailid.namespace.code web.webInteraction.linkClicks.id
channel._id endUserIDs._experience.mcid.id web.webInteraction.linkClicks.value
channel._type endUserIDs._experience.mcid.namespace.code web.webInteraction.name
channel.mediaAction environment.duration web.webInteraction.type
channel.mediaType eventType web.webPageDetails.URL
commerce.checkouts.value identityMap web.webPageDetails.isErrorPage
commerce.order.currencyCode marketing.campaignGroup web.webPageDetails.name
commerce.order.payments marketing.campaignName web.webPageDetails.pageViews.value
commerce.order.priceTotal marketing.trackingCode web.webReferrer.URL
commerce.order.purchaseID placeContext.geo._id web.webReferrer.type
commerce.order.purchaseOrderNumber placeContext.geo._schema.latitude dataSource._id
commerce.productListAdds.value placeContext.geo._schema.longitude dataSource.code
commerce.productListViews.value placeContext.geo.city device.type
commerce.productViews.value productListItems search.position
commerce.purchases.value search.isPaid search.searchEngine
commerce.saveForLaters.value search.keywords timestamp


Get List of Columns : 

  FROM information_schema.columns
 WHERE table_schema = 'public'
   AND table_name   = '<tablename>'

Query : 



Column return by query service/Query:

application web
eventType placeContext
channel identityMap
timestamp marketing
_id environment
productListItems device
commerce search
endUserIDs dataSource


I can see, query service ignores the column name having dot(.) or underscore(_). I checked with other SQL client like DbVisualizer and HeidiSQL. It returns 16 column only. Does it have any restriction at column naming convention?



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Hi @anuhya-tad ,

Thanks for your reply. As per document, inline function supports array element. I have different data model which does not have arrays. Also, I feel inline function would be more helpful when we know the column name in advance. So I'm getting error as type mismatch.




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@vikash4 If fields are created directly under the root object of the schema (_tenantId), select * query will display all the columns. But when object/array type field is used in schema, nested columns of the object will not display with select * query.


AEP is supporting couple of functions which supports array type fields to unnest columns like explode, flatten, inline etc. check https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-platform/query/sql/spark-sql-functions.html?lang=.... I have not come across function in AEP which can unnest/flatten object type filed.