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Getting Org ID mismatch error when using Web SDK to send event to Analytics service setup in Datastream


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I have WebSDK extension added to Launch and have setup XMD Schema, Dataset and Datastream setup. Datastream has mapping created for XDM object and analytics added as a service. 

When trying to add a rule in Launch to trigger SendEvent, I am getting the below error:


[alloy] [DataCollector] An error occurred while executing the sendEvent command.
Caused by: An identity was not set properly. Please verify that the org ID <my @rg ID>@AdobeOrg configured in Alloy matches the org ID specified in the edge configuration.


I have checked that the org ID is correctly set.

Any help on the error?




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@Parm2 from experience, I sense this would probably require a Support case so the teams can look into this in more depth. Could be an implementation issue.

 - Is your site only referencing one Launch property and also one environment ID? if you check for https://assets.adobedtm.com/...  in the Developer Tools as you navigate some pages, it might show something that would help further.

- You may also want to check in your Launch.js to see if another OrgID is referenced by mistake


In any case, a Support ticket is probably the best route here (See Create & Manage Support cases)


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Did you ever find a resolution to this issue? We are encountering the same problem. 


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Like @adamdev , we are seeing this intermittently as well.  I have looked through all my configurations, searched through the javascript loaded on the page and everything else anyone has ever suggested.