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Can Adobe has capability to import the Json file metadata


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Hello All,

              We are  exporting the the metadata ( like Journey's, SQL, Email Templates, etc)  from Salesforce Marketing cloud in the form of json file which we get from the package manager. 


We would like know if Adobe has the capability to import/consume this json file and create corresponding metadata into its original definition in Adobe and we would like to know the detailed steps and how much time adobe will take to consume the json file.


Please let us know at the earliest.


Also, can you please let us know how to contact the Adobe tech support for such queries ?




Thanks & Regards

Vikram Singh

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@vikram_optum Yes, you can import JSON files into AEP. Here is the similar thread where all the steps are outlined





@vikram_optum when you said "create corresponding metadata" did you mean creating schema, dataset as well or you have them setup and just want to ingest data? 


For ingestion it's not an issue but AEP doesn't have a capability to read your json and create schema & dataset on its own. If it's SFMC you can use our native source connector (Beta) if it helps 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Source Overview | Adobe Experience Platform