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XDM Schema Design


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We are trying to create XDM Schema Design for the following data:


Table A: Contact_details

Column Datatype
person_id String
first name String
last name String


Table B: Account_details

Column Datatype
account_id String
person_id String
account_person_asc String



Relation between both the tables:


One person from Table A can have multiple accounts in Table B. It is basically a one-to-many mapping between these 2 tables. 


We are trying to create a complete profile of a person with all the details corresponding to their accounts. We tried creating both the tables as Profile class as below:


Table A: Profile Class

      Identities: PersonID --> person_id

Table B: Profile Class


             AccountID --> account_id

             PersonID --> person_id


The profiles were created but didn't have all the information needed. Is there any other way to design XDM Schema for this type of data ?



Vamsi Kalakuntla.


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@Vamsik Create one Profile Schema with Person ID as the primary identity and Account ID as the secondary identity, If you are creating profiles, you can ingest both the tables into one schema itself, it doesn't matter even if one person ID has multiple account IDs. In profile, you can see that one personID has 2 - 3 account IDs


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Thanks for the reply @VaniBhemarasetty You are right, we are able to see that one personID has 2-3 account IDs, but we are not able to view the data corresponding to all those 2-3 account IDs, like for example say we want account_type for all the 2-3 account ID's. We are able to see only one account_type value in the attribute section of the profile. Is there any workaround for this ?


Employee Advisor

@Vamsik  You can run SQL queries in AEP for that 2-3 IDs and see all the records. Here is the documentation on Query services