What is the proper setup to use Launch API?



Understand the Launch API is at alpha stage only but wish to have some early try on it but hitting into an early problem.

Going through API documentation and it seems that the "List Companies" and "Get a Company" should be the first thing to do after getting the adobe.io authorization code. Unfortunately, the "List Companies" returned an empty array in the "data" node and I can proceed no further.

I had tried the "Get a Profile" call and able to retrieve my profile with some potential issues:

  • there is no "display_name"
  • email address is the @techacct.adobe.com account instead of my Adobe ID account
  • under organizations and the EC Org, "admin" is false but I am the EC Org admin

I had all those name, email, and admin right properly configured in the EC Admin Console. Is there anything missing or mis-configured?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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