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Why the debugger didn't work?


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Hi there, There is always something wrong with the debugger with no data being showed at all. What's the problem here?



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There is not enough information to answer this.    Things to check on. (not comprehensive)

  • verify that analytics is deployed to that site.  
  • make sure you are on the site you are working on when you look at the debugger.  it auto changes info when you change tabs in the browser
  • use the browser console panels to validate tracking
  • provide a url for others to help look into this. 


Level 4

The error you are seeing tells us that Adobe Analytics is not found. Which means you need to ensure the Chrome (Im assuming) Extension you are using needs to be running on a page that has Adobe Analytics. 


So what you will need to do is make sure you are on a page that has Adobe Analytics firing. 

Try these steps:

1. Enable the extension in Chrome to be in incognito

2. Go on to a new incognito window

3. Go to a page that has Adobe Analytics

4. Open the extension

5. Check if you see it firing or do a page refresh