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Reactor API Parameter Help


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Hello Community,

I am using Reactor API endpoint to pull my rules components, and I wish I could pull the rules revision where I have published the rule. 

For example, my rule has 5 revisions, out of which revision 2 is in production. Obviously in this case I can provide params = 'revision_number': 2 and get that rule, but I have 100+ rules and want each rules published dates. 

I used following parameter in param which should give me the rule revision where its in production. The code looks like this:

params = {
'published': 'True',
ptys = requests.get("https://reactor.adobe.io/rules/{{rule_ID}}/rule_components", headers=myHeaders, verify = False, params = params).json()


But it is showing me revision 0 for all the rule component endpoints, requesting to please help how can I achieve published rule from reactor API, do I need to change something in params?

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Have you tried using:



It saves you a bit of work in having to deal with the API directly and saves everything in.

There is a bit of an issue with Rules due to some async issues but I will be pushing a PR to have this updated in the main repo.